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A brutal torrent of Islamist terrorism swept across France in 2015 and 2016, one executed by militant jihadists acting on behalf of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIS). Their targets ranged from the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine to the Bataclan Theatre, and from a parish church in a Normandy village to a crowded beachfront promenade on the Mediterranean Sea.

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In this book, the author reconstructs these and several other terrorist offensives that France weathered during this stormy two-year period. Placing each attack in its specific sociopolitical context, the text further examines the backgrounds, traits, and motives of the perpetrators, the attributes of the victims, and the legacy of this unprecedented wave of political violence for the people and institutions of the French Republic.

The French Terror Wave, which includes photos of the attack sites, is now available in electronic and print formats.

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Candidate, 2021 Book Award,
The American Library in Paris

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